Redesigning Israel’s leading photography equipment website

It's all about making it easier

Redesigning Camera’s website and creating a responsive layout to the biggest photography equipment company in Israel, by designing a clear, easy to use website which will enable the users to find and purchase all the photography products that fits them best. 

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My Role





The Goal

Creating a user friendly categorized website, which will increase engagement and sales.

Why redesign it?

Home navigation

The current design aspires to present the users with broad information regarding the various products and categories. The lack of spacing, separation and variable design styles produces a cognitive sense of overload and misunderstanding. 

The original design



Lack of focus on details that matter most and a sense of a big mess, may lead users to a low and insufficient digital purchases. Therefore it may cause a high abandonment rate. 


The product itself

The problematic hierarchy and the multiple selection options may cause the user to over think and make unnecessary choices, while the main goal is to actually convert the user to purchase.    


Benchmark research 

After endless browsing of other photography equipment websites, I chose to focus on three major websites that I thought I could most benefit from their design, in order to implement my main positive conclusions in the redesigning of Camera's website.  


Main Conclusions 


Clear and coherent visual language throughout the home page.


Folds that will add depth to the generic e-commerce website and can also increase sales. 


Additional information about the products enriches the content and creates a sense of confidence.


A section of deals on specific products can assist getting users back and increase sales.


Correct hierarchy can contribute to the wandering experience.


Equal spacing between folds helps to ease the feeling of a cognitive overload.

The redesign


There’s no place like home

The biggest emphasis of redesigning the homepage is balance. Placing the different parts and folds (header, categories, sales, themes) in an order that creates a precise customer journey, which empowers the users and boosts both sales and brand awareness.

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Different needs, different categories

The photography world is divided into different equipment categories.
Each category requires different needs from cameras, lenses, studio lighting, etc.

The new category page helps the users find exactly what they need. The filter menu changes according to the selected category, and the user can view only the most important details in the mass of it all.  

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Money time

Numbers and tech specifications can be frightening for some, especially when the users aren’t familiar with them or the impact they might have. The new product page presents all the necessary information in a clear and intuitive way so the users could scroll around and get a quick and better understanding of the products. The purpose is to help them make the right decision.

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The main goal in the responsive mobile redesign is to maintain the same design style of the desktop version and make navigation as easy as possible for the user.

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