My work engages and utilizes the processing of Photography in various forms and multiple techniques. An extensive body of work creates a symbiotic relationship between Photography and Action (Cutting, Peeling and other manipulations) birthing new images. The body of work is created in combination with Photographic objects and the White Paper layer at the base of the Photo Printing Paper.


This body of work moves beyond the technical possibilities of the camera. The printed photograph manifests into a powerful platform where ideas and imagery evolve creating new forms of expression.


The creative process is not an act of adding elements, similar to the Collage technique, but rather their focused subtraction, more similar to the decollage technique. This method allows for the tremendous flexibility and freedom, creating the possibility of mediating between different worlds and experimenting with a new language.


The photograph, which serves as the platform of the work, is of significant importance; I photograph images that "activate" the artistic process, with places that I have a personal connection to and which are extremely meaningful to me. My response to and relationship with the image is viscerally emotional.